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Q. Why would I put blinds and curtains together?

We often pair blinds and curtains to achieve the optimal level of blockout. Blinds offer a minimalist, practical look for controlled light during the day and complete blockout at night. Sheer or soft curtains provide privacy during the day without compromising on light. Curtains can be the perfect addition to your space, as they soften the aesthetic of a room and can be used to add a pop of colour.

Q. Which blinds are best for privacy?

a. For bedrooms, we recommend blockout roller blinds, roman blinds, or Luxaflex Silhouettes as they provide complete privacy while maintaining a soft aesthetic. If you are looking for a sleek design with maximum privacy, shutters are also a fantastic option.
b. Pairing your blinds with curtains enable full blockout at night while maintaining natural light and privacy during the day.

Q. Will blinds keep the cold out?

Anything you put on your window will help to keep the cold out, however some blinds are specifically created for insulation. Cellular blinds, like the Luxaflex Duettes, have been created to capture air in their unique honeycomb pocket design to effectively insulate your home.

Q. Will curtains reduce noise?

Yes. Curtains are a great way to insulate your home from noise and temperature. The heavier the fabric, the better the insulation. For homes where noise is a problem, we recommend adding an interlining between the face fabric and lining to increase insulation.

Q. Are curtains old fashioned?

Absolutely not. As with any fashion, curtains have been continually updated as new trends hit the market. Sheer curtains, linen look curtains, and s-fold headings are the latest trends we have seen across interior design. The beauty of curtains is their customisable nature, so you can select your favourite designs to perfectly compliment your décor and style.

Q. How will shutters look on my house?

Shutters enhance most types of architecture and look great from inside and out. Our huge range of shutters can be crafted to perfectly compliment a beachside look, a federation house, or modern styling and give your home exceptional street appeal.

Q. Where are shutters made?

Cosmostyle offer a large range of the best quality Australian and imported shutters. Our favourite PolySatin and Western Red Cedar shutters are all made right here in Australia.

Q. Why choose shutters?

Shutters are a beautiful, sleek window furnishing that are great for privacy and light control. They provide excellent insulation, are easy to clean, and available for a range of budgets and design styles. If you’re having trouble deciding, ask us for a free design consultation, measure and quote


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