Transform your home

Transform your home with bespoke curtains and sheers designed specifically for you by the experienced team at Cosmostyle.

Our experienced Sydney-based team will help you design the perfect curtains to compliment your existing décor, from dramatic blockout curtains to romantic sheer curtains, including double track options for a cost-effective solution without compromise.


Curtains are one of our most popular window solutions, as they have the ability to transform the feel of a room instantly and can be created from an endless number of drapery fabrics.

Curtains are the easiest way to achieve a full blockout with variations like affixing the track to the roof and puddling the fabric on the floor, allowing no light in when drawn.

With so much variety, it is important to get the right design advice to make the right choice for you. Just ask the experienced team at Cosmostyle for how to get started.


At Cosmostyle, all of our consultations include design advice based on 40 years of experience in design, fabric, and drapery.


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