The most trusted name in motorisation.

Imagine ditching your alarm clock, instead waking up every morning to sunlight softly entering your bedroom as your motorised blinds quietly open. Make it come true with the range of Somfy whisper-quiet motors from Cosmostyle.

Why should you motorise your blinds?

Motorising your window furnishings amplifies your home environment with stress-free operation and ultra-quiet motors

  • Easy operation of heavy awnings
  • Extends the life of your window furnishings
  • Removes hanging cords
  • Adjust skylights and high windows
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Automatic retraction of shutters and awnings during high wind (with sensor)

The team at Cosmostyle are Somfy experts, with extensive
knowledge and training on the best solutions in the market for
automation and motorisation for internal and external windows

Inside & Out.

Our experienced Cosmostyle installers can fit Somfy motors to almost any window furnishing you choose.

Somfy offer a range of hard wired and WireFree™ battery/solar operated motors for internal and external applications, with wind sensor options to retract external awnings in high wind.

Ask the Cosmostyle Somfy experts for further details

Ok Google, good morning.

Somfy engineers have created a seamless integration between Somfy motors, Google Home and Amazon Echo.

With a Somfy motor, all Cosmostyle window covering actions can be triggered using simple commands through Alexa or Google.

Every Somfy motor comes with a 5-year warranty. For more information on motorisation solutions for your home, ask the team at Cosmostyle - the Somfy experts


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