5 Great reasons to think about your window treatments before you build or renovate.

Traditionally, choosing window furnishings for newly built homes and renovations was left until construction was finished. But this approach often means homeowners are forced to compromise their window treatment visions. That’s why we recommend you get in touch with us while you are still planning the design of your new home or renovation and here are 5 great reasons.

Reason #1:

The best time to discuss motorised or automated window furnishings is before the plaster goes up. While there are some great Bluetooth automation and motorisation systems that can be retro-fitted into existing homes, the most streamlined systems are hard-wired in, just like your lights and PowerPoints. That means, we need to discuss your window treatment ideas long before your electrician is schedule to do your wiring.

Reason #2:

For a seamless look that avoids light leak, your best option is to mount your blinds or shutters inside your window frame. However, you need to make sure your windows are deep enough to accommodate your ideal choice. That’s why we recommend you begin organising your window treatments before your architect or builder finalise your plans.

Reason #3:

Blinds come in maximum widths which vary with the style and fabric you select.
We often find our customers have windows that are only a few centimeters too wide for one long, elegant blind. Instead, they need to have 2 blinds and for manual operation, it means 2 cords need to be secured for child safety compliance. It also means the ideal placement of your furniture may be compromised to allow access to both cords.
To avoid these dilemmas, we can check your plans against your preferred blinds to ensure your window width and maximum fabric width match.

Reason #4:

Preplanning and ordering means your blinds and curtains can be installed before you move in. This can be particularly important for bedroom and bathroom windows to ensure you have immediate privacy. But it also means you immediately gain the insulation benefits window furnishings provide.

Reason #5:

When choosing your window treatments at the same time you are choosing items like your flooring, tiles and paint colours, you can ensure your home is stunningly colour coordinated.

Explore all your options at our showroom

Making a time to visit the Cosmostyle showroom means you can explore all your options for your windows and upholstery. From curtains to blinds, shutters and awnings. We have it all and we can explain how each option could work (or not work) in your home. We also have one of the widest fabric ranges in Sydney.

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