Don’t lose valuable heat from your home this winter.

Read our guide on the best insulating window treatments
Having a clear and unobstructed view out of your windows is marvelous and may even help small rooms appear larger. However, your windows and glass doors are a major source of heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. So it makes sense to install window treatments that provide insulation as well as a great look.
A study conducted by Consumer New Zealand found there are 3 top window treatments that provide stylish insulation for your home.

The best insulators are Luxaflex® Duette® Shades

Duette Shades have a honeycomb shape which traps air between each honeycomb pocket. This provides the most efficient insulation properties of any window furnishing on the market. In fact, multiple studies have found Duette® Shades can reduce heat transfer by up to 43%.
In appearance, Duette® has a modern, minimalistic style and their ability to be installed flush to your window frames means there is less light leakage and even greater insulation properties. Duette® Shades are so compact when open, you can also combine them with traditional curtains for a classic look.

Soft or structured Roman Blinds

Depending on the fabric you select, roman blinds can inhibit heat loss/gain by up to 30%. They are also a great option if you are looking for a truly customised look because our roman blinds can be made in any curtaining fabric.
Structured roman blinds can work well when combined with traditional curtains or as standalone window treatments, while soft roman blinds are best used as an individual window finish.

Curtains made in heavier fabrics (not sheers)

Curtains are normally installed on the edges of window frames. As a result, when closed they will minimise any gaps that allow heat transfer through your windows or glass doors. The New Zealand study found that to achieve the greatest insulation benefits, you need to ensure your curtains are full-length, lined and made from a heavier fabric. That’s why sheer curtains don’t provide the same insulation properties. However, sheers give privacy while still providing diffused light and when used together, both curtain styles offer a brilliant, classic look for any home.

Investing in great window furnishings could reduce your power bills
New window treatments could be your best friend this winter by preventing expensive heat loss

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