Luxaflex® Awnings.

Outdoor entertaining, covered.

Cosmostyle showcase the extensive Luxaflex® Awnings range across folding arm awnings to cover or create outdoor spaces, outdoor straight drop blinds, metal louvres, or fixed awnings.

Ask your Cosmostyle Luxaflex expert for advise on your ideal awning or outdoor blind.

Evos®, Outdoor Blinds & Louvres.

Luxaflex® awnings are a perfect way to enclose verandah’s, balconies, and decks to protect you, your family, or your customers from the elements.

Luxaflex® straight drop outdoor awning ranges include the best-selling Evo® collection, the new Evo® Magnatrack awnings, verandah awnings, spring-loaded awnings, lock-arm awnings for multiple stories, or channel roll up awnings which fit seamlessly between two pillars.

Luxaflex® offer durable metal louvres for privacy, security, light control and airflow, perfect for coastal and commercial properties.

Retractable Folding Arm Awnings.

Luxaflex® offer a range of retractable folding arm awnings, designed to create and cover outdoor spaces. These innovative awnings create open plan living outdoors without inconvenient support beams.

Luxaflex® folding arm awnings are available in a huge range of designs, with Como®, Ventura®, Garda®, and the Nordic Series the most popular ranges among Cosmostyle clients.

Fixed Awnings.

Luxaflex® fixed canopy awnings are popular in period and mid-century homes to create an authentic rustic aesthetic. They are available in a range of outdoor fabrics and are most commonly used over prominent windows and doorways.

Luxaflex® fixed metal awnings are a durable shading solution for patios, windows and doorways, and are often used in areas that require privacy and experience harsh weather conditions.


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