Roman Blinds – merging the softness of curtains with the functionality of a blind

If you are looking for a totally unique look for your windows but love the functionality of blinds, we have another option for you … Roman Blinds.

Our Roman Blinds are different because you can choose any fabric in our range and our own manufacturers will make them for you. That means your home will have blinds that are totally distinctive and absolutely unique.

Structured or soft finish – your choice

The most common type of Roman Blind is structured and minimalistic with clean, square lines. But you can also ask for “soft” or “relaxed” style Roman Blinds. This style has a slightly gathered and rounded look.

Soft Roman Blinds work well in traditional and vintage homes because they provide the softness of curtains without the bulk. For a completely seamless window finish, consider combining curtains with Roman Blinds using the same or a complementary fabric.

Sheer, blockout or in-between?

Depending on the fabric you choose, your Roman Blinds could be sheer and designed to provide privacy while still allowing light in. If you wish to block light in your bedrooms or prevent heat loss through your windows, we can add the appropriate lining to achieve the look and function you desire.

Standard or Motorised?

Traditional Roman Blinds are raised or lowered using cords and cleats. However, you can request a continuous loop system or motorised options – including hardwired and wireless.

Versatile Installation

For vintage homes, we recommend mounting your Roman Blinds inside your windows so you can display your window frames’ architectural heritage. However, if light leakage or plain window frames are a concern, we can mount your Roman Blinds on the outside edges of your window frames. To give the illusion of a larger window or a higher ceiling, mounting your Roman Blinds above the top of your window frames is also a great option.

Let your creativity run wild and we’ll do the rest

With one of the largest and most diverse fabric ranges in Sydney, Cosmostyle is your go-to place for blinds and window treatments that are uniquely your design. We’re also here to guide you if you’re not sure what you want or provide advice to find the best solution for your tricky windows.

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